Thursday, August 03, 2006

Super Spanish: Classes at El Taller Latino

I thought about writing this entry in Spanish, but I have decided to refrain. Anyway, today was the final day of my morning intensive Spanish class at El Taller Latino ( at 103rd and Broadway. The class was fantastic. The school offered three levels of Spanish classes during the month of July: Beginner I, Beginner II and Intermediate. I was proud of myself on the first day when my high school Spanish background placed me in Beginner II. My class contained approximately 10 students, all with very different backgrounds and purposes for taking Spanish. This particular class was four days a week, although they have classes to accommodate many different schedules. The class had two different teachers that alternated, in order to help us learn more accents when speaking and listening in Spanish. On the first day of class, my profesora said that we were all amigos in the classroom, and that was when I knew that this Spanish class would be more personal than any language class I had taken previously. The school also offers tango and salsa classes and has cultural events. I adored my experience there, so if you are looking for a Spanish class you should definitely check it out.


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